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❱ What is an Empress tooth and in what conditions?

Empress is a kind of porcelain tea which is prepared by applying glass ceramic on a ceramic ceramic floor. Although the metal is not used, its durability has been increased and it can be used easily. Non-use of metal prevents the formation of a purple appearance on the floor and results in a very natural result. Full porcelain treatment, drug, fluorine etc. in time. It can be used in the application of smile design in teeth with canal treatment, which is difficult to get result with bleaching, intermittent teeth in intermittent teeth.

❱ Which teeth are empress done, which teeth can not be done?

Empress treatment can be applied to the anterior region of the cutter, the molars and the single tooth deficiencies in this region. In the case of large molars in the rear, the use of zirconium teeth, which provide more durability, is not used in the case of multiple missing teeth.

❱ What kind of treatment process should I have for the empress porcelain teeth?

In the first stage face and mouth photos and measurements are taken. Mock up method is used to make the smile design and you will see how you will look after the treatment. Afterwards, your teeth are abraded up to 2 mm and the new teeth are re-measured. In this process, temporary teeth are made to keep your daily quality of life constant, while your permanent teeth are prepared in the laboratory. When the production process of your new teeth is completed, permanent teeth are removed and new teeth are placed.

❱ How long should I take a session?

One session lasts an average of 45 minutes.

❱ When can I return to my normal life after Empress?

You can return to your normal life immediately after permanent bonding.

❱ How to care for empress teeth?

Empress teeth, you need to look at your own teeth so you can do maintenance.

❱ Does the empress teeth separate from the gums, decomposed under empress?

These teeth are completely compatible with the gums and their structure, so this type of problem does not occur. You will not have any problems such as tooth decay with a toothpaste.

❱ Is Empress dental resistant, color and shape distorted?

Empress teeth, which retain color and shape, can damage your own teeth, etc. Unbreakable unless conditions occur. These teeth that fit perfectly with the mouth also do not smell.