Dental Prosthetics 2019-05-25T15:03:13+03:00
❱ When is a dental prosthesis used?

If you are complaining about the deterioration of your dental health or if you are looking for a new solution for your teeth due to aesthetic concerns, you can benefit from a dental prosthesis. Both functional and aesthetic treatment for your dental health is possible with dental prostheses.

❱ Do dental prostheses fit my mouth?

Of course! Dental prostheses are manufactured according to your mouth size obtained by your doctor’s precise measurement systems and are fully compatible with your mouth. Thus, your prothesis offers comfortable use at both the lower and upper palate.

❱ What are the benefits of dental prostheses?

Prostheses specially prepared for you; it makes you feel easy to talk, while it makes you feel comfortable.

❱ How to clean dental prostheses?

Dental prostheses should be removed and cleaned at night. Cleaning should not be done with toothpaste. You can use special brushes or toothbrushes or soap under the water to clean your prosthesis, or use cleaning tablets available from pharmacies.

❱ Is prosthesis used in cases of bone loss in the jaw?

Your jawbone is lost and the condition is evaluated by your dentist in such cases. Restoration treatments are performed where appropriate and a suitable floor is created for prosthetic use.

❱ Can diabetics use prostheses?

The wounds in diabetes patients heal later than normal. Therefore, healing of the wounds during treatment may take longer than normal; however, there is no harm in the use of prostheses by diabetics. You can use special gels and artificial saliva to prevent mouth dryness.

❱ Can the prosthesis be used in allergic conditions?

Dental prostheses do not contain metal; therefore, there is no problem with prostheses in people with metal allergy. However, it is useful to perform an allergy test before dental prosthesis. Persons with allergy to acrylic cannot use a dental prosthesis.

❱ How long can my prosthesis be used?

You can use your prosthesis for a long time with good care.

❱ What should I do if my weary, fading, darkening or enlarging prosthesis?

If your protamine has lost its sharpness because it is worn, or if color fading has occurred that cannot be opened even with the color opening process, you can change only the teeth without changing the ground of your prosthesis. Filling your prosthesis can be made by feeding to your gums. However, if your bone melt is too high for the prosthesis to be used, you will need to have a prosthesis again.