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❱ What is root canal treatment, why is it applied?

The treatment of canal is the treatment that is done as a result of the loss of the function of the nerves and veins in the tooth, cleaning the tissues which are not functional and providing a new structure with filling materials. In some cases, it is possible to re-use the teeth to be lost. This treatment;

-In teeth that lost function,
– In case of caries,
-In cases where the nerves are damaged as a result of compulsion and coercion,

It can be applied in the case of dental nerves that have been damaged as a result of improperly applied dental treatments. tooth tenderness, swelling may occur during sensitivity, color change, chewing and night.

❱ What kind of treatment process will I undergo?

Canal treatment is a treatment that is performed as a result of more than one procedure. First of all, if the infection in your teeth is advanced, antibiotics may be used; but this is not a very frequent situation.

❱ Do you need to repeat the canal treatment?

In cases where a stem cell or microogranisms under the gums are infected, canal treatment can be repeated, but this is very rare. In case of advanced infections in which the canal treatment is insufficient, surgical intervention or withdrawal of the tooth may be brought to the agenda. If there is caries in your mouth, it is cleaned and root canal is arranged. Fill the generated channel with fillers and the process is completed until the end of the root. This process may require one or more sessions depending on the extent of damage to your teeth. Do not feel pain in this application under anesthesia.

❱ What kind of a process will I have after the treatment?

Until the treatment is completed, you must stay away from compelling food. You may experience tooth fractures or temporary drops. A few days after treatment may occur, so your doctor will recommend a suitable medicine for you.