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Dental Health Tourism
Dental health tourism has gained popularity day by day. Patients living abroad prefer Istanbul for dental treatment because of the high cost of dental treatment in the region where they live. As such, they are able to perform both dental treatments and discover the historical, natural and cultural beauties of Istanbul.

It is often mentioned by tourists that the total cost of travel, accommodation and dental treatment is less than the cost of dental treatment in any European country.

Turkey in Oral and Dental Health Center in communication with the quality of service provided, as well as patients prefer to be examined such factors as the duration of treatment or at a high level compared with many other countries edilirliği further increased.

Our guests, who prefer us as the best dental hospital in Istanbul and who are coming for treatment from abroad, want more treatment such as implant application, zirconium treatments, porcelain and crown bridge treatments, teeth whitening and smile design.

How will the process work when you decide on dental treatment?
Panoramic dental x-rays in any dental clinic in your country and sending it to our clinic via e-mail will save you the treatment process.
Our specialist physicians will examine your panoramic x-ray and determine possible treatments to be done and you will be returned by e-mail.
In addition to the treatment plan, you will be informed about the financial statements and the approximate duration of treatment.

Your appointment will be clarified after your confirmation.
You can reach us from our contact form, you can ask any questions about dental health tourism and get detailed information.