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❱ Invisalign

n the form of dental form disorders up to moderate severity, you can choose transparent orthodontic treatment which can be defined as ecek wireless orthodontic treatment Orta. Cad-cam digital measurement, digital printer and 3D printer system with the finest detail of your mouth taken in this treatment, you will be produced quickly with the appropriate transparent plates. 5.5 mm thick transparent plaques, even the closest you can not notice aesthetics. You can continue your daily life with these records, you can easily laugh and talk. With this treatment you can see the results of treatment from the very beginning.

❱ Porcelain Teeth

Porcelain braces with fixing of porcelain brackets and the retaining power of the braces placed inside these brackets, porcelain braces are less visible when removing structural defects in your teeth. Porcelain braces offer a more aesthetic appearance than metal braces.

❱ Metal Teeth

Metal braces applied by fixing the brackets made of strong stainless steel to the teeth is a method that has been used for years to remove the structural defects in the teeth. Compared to the shape changes in the teeth, the metal wires that are adjusted according to the teeth during the inspection are aesthetically less preferable but more economical.