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❱ What Does Oral and Dental Health Care Give Me?

Oral and Dental Health Care is an effective program for the continuity of your dental health and for your full-scale oral care. Within the scope of this care, you can have dental stone cleaning, tongue cleaning, fluoride application and oral hygiene training.

❱ How can I benefit from oral and dental care?

Neglected tooth care, brushing the teeth incorrectly and not being able to clean enough can cause plaque accumulation and various problems over time. These accumulations become teeth stones and stain. Worse still, it brings gingival bleeding, gum bleeding and bad breath. To avoid such problems, oral care should not be neglected. Therefore, you can choose Oral and Dental Health Care.

❱ Is there a painful procedure in oral and dental health care?

Apart from the small leaks due to the tenderness of the teeth, there is no procedure to feel pain. If you have edema in your gums, there is some bleeding, but this is not a dense bleeding that requires fear.

❱ What kind of process do I go through?

Oral and Dental Health Care application, tooth stones with ultrasonic cleaners are saved. Then, a powder tooth cleaner, called air flow, eliminates deposits and staining between your teeth. With a special paste and brush, your tooth surfaces are polished and your teeth are cleaned by flossing. The teeth are strengthened with fluoride gel, and the patient is given a training for correct brushing and cleaning of the teeth and maintenance is completed. All procedures can be done at all ages and all procedures take approximately 40 minutes.

❱ Are the materials used to damage my teeth, ultrasonic cleaners and fluorine gel?

Ultrasonic applications can damage your teeth with improper handling. Therefore, you should do this procedure by a qualified dentist and you should not neglect the application of fluoride. Air flow powder used during the process is not harmful.

❱ How many times per year should I do?

You can decide your doctor’s examination together with your doctor every 6 months, depending on your dental structure.

❱ Does oral and dental health care be done during pregnancy?

You can have it easily between 3-6 months of pregnancy. Although there is some more bleeding in the other months, there is no harm in doing so.

❱ Do my teeth become sensitive after Oral and Dental Health Care?

No. Fluor gel application will give you the strength of your teeth will not be a problem.

❱ Oral and Dental Health Care with bad breath treatment and teeth whitening is provided?

If your mouth odor is related to the tooth stones, then the mouth odor is eliminated. Fluor gel is used to strengthen your teeth. Fluoapatite crystals are formed in the tooth enamel to provide a more durable structure and provide strength against coloration and decay. This gel is applied to your air-dried teeth and is allowed to stand for 30 minutes without rinsing your mouth. This application does not have any allergic effects. Oral and Dental Health Care application creates a color opening effect because it provides cleaning of your teeth. But your teeth will be in your own bone color.