Pediatric Dentistry 2019-05-25T16:21:30+03:00
❱ What is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics is concerned with children’s oral and dental health. Regularly controlled oral health since infancy allows for a comfortable life in advanced age when both the functional and the aesthetic interventions are done in a timely manner.

❱ When should I have my baby’s first pedodontic control?

After your baby’s first tooth is released, you can start the pedodontic check.

❱ What are the benefits of starting dental controls at an early age?

Early-onset dental examinations, early intervention in possible caries and deformities, affect the dental health in the elderly.

❱ What should I look for when taking my child to a dentist?

Do not make sentences as to your child or dentist as you do not fear or suffer. Do not treat the subconscious as a medical examination. Your doctor will relax your child, don’t panic and don’t bring your panic to your child.

❱ What is done during the first dental check?

During the first dental check, your child will not be burned and the child will be accustomed to the dentist. By checking the general tooth condition of your child with mirrors and lights, it is determined whether there are any anomalies. Parents are informed about the teeth protection and nutrition issues and the control is completed.

❱ What should I do before bringing my child to the dentist?

Unless your doctor specifically asks you, you should bring your child to the dentist. The presence of both parents during the visit of the dentist will help the child to feel safe. Do not force your child to feel bored. Do not insist on further treatment. It may be stressful to ask your child constantly about the situation and be calm.

❱ What are the pedodontic controls?

Pedodontics following the development in children’s teeth and oral structures from birth to adolescence; The course focuses on many aspects such as mouth and palate structure, formation of milk teeth, transition from permanent milk to permanent teeth, decay in permanent teeth and milk teeth, and shape disorders. By means of regular control, the conditions that may require intervention in the teeth are realized in a short time, and they are treated and treated in a timely manner.