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❱ What is snoring and sleep apnea?

Snoring, which is manifested by loud noises during sleep, bothers one’s self and the environment. The problem of snoring that occurs when the soft palate and small tongue drooping, causing the respiratory tract to collapse, and breathing together with breathing is common, especially in adults with weight problems. It is called sleep apnea when these tissues are completely clogged to the pale path.

❱ Who are snoring and sleep apnea?

Snoring and sleep apnea can be seen for many reasons. Alcohol and cigarette smokers Adults with excess weight problems People under intense stress Relaxing and calming medications People with genetic predisposition are at risk of sleep apnea and snoring. Snoring is more common in males because of the fat area in males and females in the lower part of the body.

❱ What causes snoring and sleep apnea?

Snoring and sleep apnea, breathing through the breathing creates difficulties in breathing, especially in the morning, such as tiredness and awakening effects such as awakening. Concentration disorder and weakness are the effects of this disorder. People with advanced sleep apnea have a risk of hypertension and heart growth and heart attack due to a decrease in oxygen levels. There is also a risk of dormant death as a result of complete obstruction in sleep. Less oxygen in the body may cause sexual reluctance in the person.

❱ How does Snoring Prosthesis cure snoring?

An effective treatment method for snoring is the use of a snoring prosthesis. Snoring prostheses are placed into the mouth while sleeping. The snoring prosthesis provides the lower jaws and the downward position and provides the tension of the dangling tissue, providing more comfortable breathing and the treatment of factors that cause snoring.

❱ Why should I choose snoring prosthesis?

Snoring prostheses are easy to use. It results in a short time. It usually solves the problem of sleep apnea in 3-4 weeks. It provides easy and cheap treatment without requiring surgical intervention. The therapeutic effect is approved by the scientific community.

❱ How to use a snoring prosthesis, is it comfortable to use?

You should use the snoring prosthesis only when you are asleep, and an hourly use is sufficient. The prosthesis that rests and stays fixed to your teeth does not cause an uncomfortable feeling in sleep and is not felt in your throat. With this method that will allow you to breathe more comfortably while sleeping, you get a better quality sleep and you will not feel uncomfortable.

❱ Will my prosthesis be special to me?

The snoring prosthesis is tailor-made for you and is fully compatible with other prostheses and mouth structures.

❱ How many days is the snoring prosthesis prepared?

Snoring prosthesis is ready in 1 day after the necessary measurements.

❱ Can anyone use a prosthesis, how is the prosthesis stored?

Unless any obstacles are detected by your physician, any prosthesis that is suitable for the jaw structure can be used. Prostheses are easily transported to the site where they are placed with special box.

❱ Can someone else’s prosthesis be used?

Since the snoring prostheses are specially designed, the prosthesis should not be used.

❱ Does Snoring Prosthesis cause problem in the appearance of the jaw?

Snoring prosthesis does not cause any aesthetic loss in your jaw, does not cause deformation. No change in your normal appearance after use.

❱ What is the Age Limit for Snoring Prosthesis?

For the use of snoring prosthesis, bone development should be completed. Men 18, women after the age of 17, can use prosthesis after the doctor’s check.